Thursday, April 30, 2009

TBWCYL Day 120 - Money Money Money Money, NO MONEY?

So, today I was not allowed to spend any money. Alas, this is difficult because I had to fly to Midland and drive to Roswell, New Mexico for a funeral. So, I started today by eating breakfast at home, not stopping for an Ice Tea on the way in to work, and consistently saying, "Don't Spend Money".

I did have to set a few ground rules for today:

- First, if I have already spent money(i.e. gasoline or plane fare) then that is not considered spending. So, by driving anywhere that isn't a violation of the rule.
- Second, if someone buys me something, I am not spending money either. My personal bank account started the day at 146.53 and that is how it ended. I also have $8 in cash that didn't leave the wallet.

For eating, I packed my lunch and dinner for today because I had to go straight to the airport from work. I rode to lunch and ate free chips and water while the rest of my coworkers ate real food. I had a 5:30 pm flight to Midland where my parents were kind enough to meet me and I got in a car and drove to Roswell.

A side note. I didn't actually pay for my flight. My mother-in-law was kind enough to give me a free flight that she had. Also, my father put gas in the car so I was completely payment free.

The drive to Roswell was interesting and it took all I had not to buy a drink for the ride. My Pops was kind enough to have a bottle of water in the car so I wasn't without sustenance but it was still fairly difficult. My bank account and cash went nowhere.

That is all,


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