Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fruit Roll Up - 1995

I am a pack rat when it comes to anything Spider-Man related and this obsessive compulsive disorder that I have turned blue on Sunday. As part of an attempt to sort of clean out the closet in my bedroom at my parents house, I occasionally ferry home odds and ends that I have left from my teenage days.

So, I went in on Sunday before we left and grabbed a Sesame Street diorama toy that my grandmother had for me along with a collection of McDonalds toys and my grandfathers old cap. While in the closet, I looked up to see 2 empty Spider-Man cereal boxes and 2 boxes of Spider-Man Fruit Roll-ups, both containing 1 unopened roll.

I got the boxes down, trying to think of why I saved them in the first place. They dated back to 1995 when Spider-Man Adventures, an old FoxKids cartoon, was on the television and at the height of popularity. It caused General Mills to make a cereal which I ate in excess and had a corresponding Fruit Roll-Up which I also took in my lunch. I saved them because I thought they would be worth something. My idea of valuable was slightly skewed by my web colored glasses.

Anyway, I have the sense to know that no one wants these things and threw them out...except when I started looking over the unopened roll-up. No expiration date? How is that possible? Does it mean it is still edible? I had to know. My wife cautioned me against it and my mother sat screaming for me to stop but I opened the package and took a sniff. It smelled fruity and with a hint of nostalgia. I took my hands and ripped off the corner of the roll-up and threw it in my mouth. Chewy.

I proceeded to keep eating it, subsequently dying my tongue blue and making my mother queasy. It was just how I remembered a Fruit Roll-Up to be. I drove home expecting that at some point the snack was going to rebel but it held steady. Apparently you can eat a 14 year old lunch snack.

That is all,

5 Ripples in the pond:

Addy's Daddy said...

Your parents kitchen looks just like it did when we were growing up! Way to stay traditional, Sandra and Tebo!

Trinity said...

They say they are going to remodel but then they get in arguments and no progress is ever made.

Girl Interrupted said...

lol cute ... Spiderman does rock though

Just not as much as Batman

Erin said...

That's disgusting while also a testament to the holding powers of preservatives. I think you should embark on more food experiments...

Trinity said...

GI - you just went down a little on the coolness scale with that Batman comment.

Erin - I saved a Strawberry flavored one for later. Maybe we can break it out on the 15th anniversary.