Monday, December 13, 2010

Things an old man wants for Christmas

1. Battery Organizer - "There are batteries everywhere. I just want something where I can put all my batteries." - Newt the Wonder Frog

2. Flyswatter - "This may seem lame but I want a flyswatter. Just a plain old plastic swatter." - Newt the Wonder Frog

I am an old man. I want gifts for Christmas that are practical. How sad is that? More and more I just want to skip Christmas. I went and bought myself the battery organizer and my junk drawer has never looked better. All those batteries now have a home and I won't have to search through the drawer when one of Gracie's numerous battery draining toys goes dead.
Still no flyswatter but I figure it is perfect for a stocking so maybe I still have a chance.

That is all,