Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where's Waldo?

So I had this awesome conversation with Erin on Sunday about Where's Waldo. You guys remember Waldo? He was that strange guy that would always go to huge raves and dress out of place. He sporadically showed up in group photos; he was always peeping out of random areas.

Well, Erin was telling me about a classmate of hers that came to school on picture day dressed as Waldo and when the yearbook was done, he had hidden himself in some of the photos and would go circle his picture when he signed your yearbook. That is genius.

Well, this begs the question: Where's Waldo? He was so popular when we were in grade school and now it seems like the books where kids find stuff has disappeared. I would love when a new Waldo book would come out and I would try mercifully to determine where that guy was. And does anyone remember his dog Spot? That was such a clever name. I love that guy.

That is all,


Thursday, February 22, 2007

23' Skiddooo!!!

On Tuesday, my friend Allison and I got to go see the premiere of 'The Number 23' with Jim Carrey. It was pretty good though it was less about going mad and more about figuring out the history of the book that the number comes from. And it was no where near as bloody as I had hoped.

But that's not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is going to an advance screening and all that is involved. First, you have to get there really early. If you don't, you won't make it into the theatre. I got to the theatre an hour and a half before the start and there were already people there.

Second, there is this subset of the movie going population that are constantly at movie screenings. Two of the people standing next to me were in this little club. I say club because one of the guys was actually in a movie review club and would go to advanced screenings and then write reviews. He said he has been going to screenings for 21 years.

If you know where to look, you can find all of these free tickets if you read certain websites and newspapers. Then, you can just go to all the free movies you can fit in. It is actually a pretty genius idea. You get to see movies that haven't even been released yet for free. Pretty cool.

That is all,


Friday, February 16, 2007


Well, I went yesterday and got a classic controller for my Wii and downloaded Mario Kart 64 and Street Fighter 2. So my post is going to be about the up/down/left/right buttons on the old game controllers.

I have never been very good at fighting games but when I used to play Street Fighter I could always make Chun Li do her kick ass flying kicks. Well, apparently that is no longer the case. With the advent of the joystick on the controller I have sadly lost my ability to use the old U/D/L/R controller. I tried and tried to make her do a spin kick but couldn't. But I did remember...

Back in the old days there was a thing called combos. This was where a player would have to hit crazy button progressions to make a fighter do something, the most memorable of these being the 'Fatalities' in Mortal Kombat. Why was Kombat spelled with a K? Anyway, I guess I emptied my brain of all of the old moves you had to do in Street Fighter because when I played last night, all I could do was punch and kick. I had to set the game to zero difficulty just to beat Ryu.

I wonder if our thumbs have slowly become desensitized to the combo. Sure, they still exist. But they are no where near as elaborate as they used to be. I miss being 10.

A, B, B, Up, Right, Down, X, Y, X.(this means That is all)


Spit Happens

Have you ever been driving down the road and you generate a lugy that you subsequently must spit out the window? I know I have. This week I have had a lot of drainage from a cold of some degree and constantly have to spit. In one instance a couple of days ago I was driving and got this monstrous lugy. I rolled down my window and aimed but when I spit I missed the extremely large open window and hit the top of my door.

Now I don't know if any of you have ever missed when spitting but it is disgusting. You can't roll up your window because then the spit will just slide down the glass. Of course I was driving so I also had to clean it up while on the road. Even worse, it dripped down onto the arm rest.

Imagine if you will: I spit, cold air coming in the open window, snotty saliva drips down, I have my left arm hanging in the air so I don't put my elbow in it all while driving down the highway. Fun.

That is all,


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yesh, Officer I do love my fiancee...

Well, It's Valentines Day and I just thought I would tell you a little story. Diana finally surprised me with a gift that I didn't guess I would get. I got a box in the mail a few days ago and was forced to wait until this morning to open it. I got Diana a 6 month membership to the Wine of the Month club, where you get two bottles a month from various wineries.

I was very excited about opening my present. I had made plenty of guesses as to what was inside. It is very rare that I can't guess what I get which annoys Diana to no end.

Well I was very surprised at what I got. I got the Alcohawk Breathalizer. Screw Chocolates.

Thanks Honey,


Monday, February 12, 2007

Hurling down the street...

Today's post is being written to discuss eating after puking. Saturday, my dear cousin Kristy and I went to Austin to visit our cousins Micheal and Daniel. We left Dallas on Saturday and drove back on Sunday. Saturday night was crazy and I went overboard in my alcohol consumption and proceeded to Drunk dial people, proclaim that I am a Sex God, and subsequently pass out.

Surprise, Surprise. I had a hangover on Sunday. I woke up puking and didn't stop til around noon. Thank God for Pepto Bismal. Now that all that has been discussed, we can go into our real topic.

It occurred to me yesterday that when you have been violently ill, eating is the last thing you want to do. But there is always this moment where your stomach finally says, 'You know, I have been pushing stuff out all day and I think I'm ready to start putting things back in'. Does anyone know what I am talking about? You go from nauseous to hungry and the first bite of food is tricky, then it gets a little bit better. You build up until you can actually eat and that food is so great.

My threshold food as Whataburger. I ate a little and stopped just in case I got sick again. About an hour later, I was starving and Kristy stopped at another Whataburger and I got fries and a shake. Salty fries and a chocolate shake are such a good hangover snack. The celebration my stomach had over those fries made them taste like they were the greatest fries ever.

Every thing I ate after that was good. All because my stomach was so empty that nourishment was appreciated so much more.

That is all,


Friday, February 09, 2007

An Evening with Bill Clinton

As some of you may know, I am a lucky bastard when it comes to winning crap on the radio. Tuesday was no exception. I played a random game on a talk station I listen to(105.3 Free FM) and won two tickets to hear Bill Clinton speak at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie. Democrat Diana was out of town so my dear Elephant supporting cousin Kristy and I went to hear him last night. Much to our surprise, we actually enjoyed it.

I have fallen away from the Republican party somewhat over the last couple of years and have become quite passive in politics. I think this allowed me the ability to enjoy what President Clinton had to say.

It was a very un-partisian speech. His main topic was discussing Americas Global image and what he felt were some important issues and how to face them. There wasn't any Republican bashing and very little Democrat praising. Instead he went over the numbers(more than likely skewed in his favor) of how America is viewed around the world and how we could be doing more to fight AIDS, Tropical diseases, Global Warming, etc. He laid out a case for peace through talking and his opinions on avoiding war when possible.

The night consisted of a speech of about an hour and a half followed answering questions that the audience had submitted. The host for the night was extremely irritating, constantly kissing butt. He actually said, "When I told people I was coming here to host this event they told me 'you're the luckiest guy in the world' and 'this is the greatest day in your life' and as I stand here I have to say that they were right'. Imagine a Inside the Actors Studio for the President.

We did leave before it was over, but that was because I had to work early and needed to sleep. I am very happy to say that the evening exceeded my expectations.

That is all,


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Squirrels are evil!!!

I got my truck back today and I didn't get screwed over nearly as bad as I could have. However something strange was discovered in my engine. What was it? Dog food.

That's right. Dog food was found under my hood. It was solid black. Also found was red fur. So the wires that had been chewed on appeared to be done by a dog food stealing squirrel. I can only assume that while we were living at the apartment, a squirrel was taking up residence in my engine.

The mechanic freaked me out because he told me he found a squirrel in the engine. Then he reached for a Sonic cup and I was really afraid he was going to show me a dead squirrel carcass. Instead he had a full cup of dog food that looked like it had been soaked in coal.

So now my truck is running again and I am squirrel free.

That is all,


Monday, February 05, 2007

My Flux Capacitor needs replacing

I think I might be getting hosed. My truck's inspection was due and I ran to the local oil change place to get it taken care of. The guy came back and told me that it didn't pass. When I asked why, he went into this weird explanation of how the Flibity gibit wasn't working correctly. I say Flibity gibit because he used some Acronym that I had no clue about. Finally I got him to explain that some seal was not pumping air in the right manner and it was causing my emissions to under perform, and in Dallas, that is a big problem.

Then he was showing me what parts he was going to replace and then found that some of the wire casings had been bitten through by mice. So I need to get them replaced. Finally, I just had to leave the truck and get the mechanic to drive me home.

It sucks to be auto deficient.
That is all,