Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yesh, Officer I do love my fiancee...

Well, It's Valentines Day and I just thought I would tell you a little story. Diana finally surprised me with a gift that I didn't guess I would get. I got a box in the mail a few days ago and was forced to wait until this morning to open it. I got Diana a 6 month membership to the Wine of the Month club, where you get two bottles a month from various wineries.

I was very excited about opening my present. I had made plenty of guesses as to what was inside. It is very rare that I can't guess what I get which annoys Diana to no end.

Well I was very surprised at what I got. I got the Alcohawk Breathalizer. Screw Chocolates.

Thanks Honey,


4 Ripples in the pond:

The 5-0 said...

you mean that you are that big of a drunk that you need your own breathalizer machine?

what a douche!?!?

Thomas said...

"The 5-0", are you questioning whether Newt is a douche or exclaiming so? If the latter then you shouldn't have added question marks, if the former then we should have some conversations! Everyone knows that Trin is a Douche! :)

nat said...

that is so funny, you drunk!!!

the 5-0 said...

Oh I know that Trin is a douche. I guess that I just went a little punctuation mark crazy.