Monday, February 05, 2007

My Flux Capacitor needs replacing

I think I might be getting hosed. My truck's inspection was due and I ran to the local oil change place to get it taken care of. The guy came back and told me that it didn't pass. When I asked why, he went into this weird explanation of how the Flibity gibit wasn't working correctly. I say Flibity gibit because he used some Acronym that I had no clue about. Finally I got him to explain that some seal was not pumping air in the right manner and it was causing my emissions to under perform, and in Dallas, that is a big problem.

Then he was showing me what parts he was going to replace and then found that some of the wire casings had been bitten through by mice. So I need to get them replaced. Finally, I just had to leave the truck and get the mechanic to drive me home.

It sucks to be auto deficient.
That is all,

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Thomas said...

Do you plan to become less auto deficient? If so, let me know because my truck makes this ticking noise when I start it, but it goes away once the truck warms up. Any ideas?

And please don't tell me it is the Flibity gibit! I hear those things are super expensive and I just don't have the money to replace it!

Trinity said...

Ironically, I think I heard something on the radio about how that is somewhat normal. Though I don't recall what reason there was for it.