Friday, April 27, 2007

C'mon baby, do the pro-ca-motion with me

Well, the position that I have had my eye on since I started at the Jarvis Press finally opened up this week and I was given the chance to interview for it. My boss called me into his office and said, "Trinity, Ashley has turned in her notice and there are two other people interested in the job. You don't have as much experience managing but if you want to we will let you interview for the position."

I was stoked. Ever since I started in printing the only side of it that interested me was the digital and now I get to interview for a position as the manager of the digital department. Whoopee!! I went in prepared and killed that interview. Yesterday I was told that I am now the head of the digital department. I got the position. I am ...middle management.

I am very pumped about this. Bring on the added responsibility, extra workload, and all that paperwork.

That is all,


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fuck you weather!

I don't have much to talk about except to say that the weather sucks. For the last three weeks I have tried to watch 'House' and every week we have had some freak weather situation that causes it to get preempted. April 10th there was hail, rain and high winds, April 17th there was bad rain, and tonight with only ten minutes to go until the end of the show a tornado started to form in Terrant County and now I don't know what was killing the girl in the show.

Would ten minutes really have saved anyone? Well, yes. But I am getting really sick of this. I have the guilty pleasure of watching Hugh Laurie be a dick to his fellow doctors and I don't appreciate that Bitch, Mother Nature, and her pesky winds.

That is all,


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Momma, I'm comin' home

Well, this weekend is coming up and we are heading to Midland for a couple of Wedding Showers. This is the time where we get to start cleaning up. I never really understood the concept of a shower. I get having parties but why call them showers? Is it because people are supposed to rain gifts down on us? Let's hope so.

I am feeling a little greedy about all the presents we are supposed to get. We are awful because we can't stop checking the Target registry to see what we might be getting. Sure, we don't know who got us what, but we know that come Monday, I am going to have to buy coffee. Still, I am very excited to be with our family and friends to celebrate our impending matrimony. Aw, who am I kidding? I get a blender.

That is all,


Friday, April 13, 2007

Beggers can't be choosers? Why Not?

Funny story. Yesterday, my coworker Caroline and I went to lunch at Taco Bueno. As we were walking in, a man came up to me and said, "Sir, is there any way I can wash your window for some money? I need gas money for my truck so I can get to work. My 13 year old son is in the hospital and I drove up here and had to leave my tools in the truck. I have $1.30 but that won't even get my truck started."

I, of course, used the standard, "I don't have any cash on me" which was true. However, even if I had cash I wouldn't have given it to him. Now the funny part of this story is that as we were driving back to work I stopped for gas and thought about washing my windows. During this consideration it dawned on me, "The guy didn't have anything to clean my window with!"

He was empty handed when he came up. How the hell was he going to clean my window if I had taken him up on the offer? Does he have some secret hidden bucket and squeegee? Because if so then he came prepared, which means that he does this consistently enough to carry them with him. If he didn't then he was begging for the sake of begging and is a LIAR!!!

I thought about his story a little bit and if you are driving to work and don't have enough gas to get there, maybe you should try to rectify that before you jump in your gas guzzling vehicle. Also, what difference does it make if your son is in the hospital and what the hell does leaving your tools in the truck have to do with gasoline? Clearly the guy was trying to overload me with information so I would just hand him the cash.

Sucks to be a beggar in a cashless society.

That is all,


God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut!

For those of you that haven't heard, Kurt Vonnegut passed away on Wednesday. I have posted quite a few times about Vonnegut's writings and how insightful they are. When I heard the news I almost cried, literally. It is not very often that I get affected by something like this. Sure, people say "I was at home when Kennedy was shot" or "I was watching TV at my grandmothers house when the news came in that Princess Diana died" but this is different to me.

I just finished his last novel a few weeks ago and it was amazing. Mr. Vonnegut had a unique way of opening peoples eyes to things. In a previous post, seen here, I printed an amazing piece of writing about war. After reading Slaughterhouse V I will not be able to look at it the same way again.

It is not often that a writer really has an impact on you. They way Kurt Vonnegut mixed off the wall scenarios with amazing wordplay cements him into the culture. His insanity was matched by his brilliance and I will miss him. Though his website is currently halted in mourning, I recommend checking it out. Also, you can read a report about him from MSN which is very good.

That is all,


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where the Mild things are

Is it just human nature to settle? I hate settlers. Not the people who originally came to this country and got the land started. Those bastards were just crazy and I salute their curmudgeonicity(This isn't a word but I don't care). The settlers I am talking about are the ones that will just take what they can get and stay away from risk, adversity or challenge.

We all know people like this. They work with us, live near us and in some cases sleep next to us(No, not Diana). I just saw on the news that Americans who are 100 pounds or more overweight are the fastest-growing group of overweight people in the United States. This is settling. They look down and see fat and go, "Oh well". And anyone who come to the defence of the fat with the argument that "Some of them have medical conditions" or whatever bullshit you can come up with can just shut up. Fat is fat and the occasional medical case of obesity is not the majority but the minority.

Also, people settle in their jobs, love lifes, sex lifes, friendships, body, and entertainment. Examples of this range from the guy that says he is going to start his own business some day(I am guilty of this) to the people that watch Americas Funniest Home Videos. Tom Bergeron is a douche. How many times have you had mediocre sex? I know it happens, it happens to me some times. But do we stop, regroup and fix the problem? No, we settle for bad sex. Maybe this is a bad example because even the worst sex ever is still pretty good.

Maybe settling is something that was bred into us. Look at Adam and Eve. Adam settled. He looked at his options and said "Bitch took my rib. But what other choice do I have?" I know that aside from Hugh Heifner, the average human will not be able to get everything they ever want and probably shouldn't. But it seems that more and more people are becoming stagnant. If you don't use it you loose it and it seems that as a society we have started to loose it. I could go on and on but I think this is good enough. If that isn't settling then I don't know what is.

That is all,


Friday, April 06, 2007

Operator? Operator? I need to place a call to Melmac

Does anyone remember 10-10- 321? For a year or two, America was inundated with these commercials where somehow, and I am never quite sure exactly how this worked, you could dial any number of 10-10-### combinations and save tons of cash on long distance calls. Great actors such as Terry Bradshaw, Toby Keith, the dad from Family Matters, and yes, Alf were known to tout the greatness that was 10-10-321 or 10-10-220.

I actually posed the question to Thomas, "Where did 10-10-321 go?" Well obviously it went the way of the dodo because of the cell phone. Now people can make free long distance calls so poor Alf had to find a new job. Now he's on TV Land. And I'll be damned if Toby Keith didn't become a mega star.

That is all,