Friday, April 06, 2007

Operator? Operator? I need to place a call to Melmac

Does anyone remember 10-10- 321? For a year or two, America was inundated with these commercials where somehow, and I am never quite sure exactly how this worked, you could dial any number of 10-10-### combinations and save tons of cash on long distance calls. Great actors such as Terry Bradshaw, Toby Keith, the dad from Family Matters, and yes, Alf were known to tout the greatness that was 10-10-321 or 10-10-220.

I actually posed the question to Thomas, "Where did 10-10-321 go?" Well obviously it went the way of the dodo because of the cell phone. Now people can make free long distance calls so poor Alf had to find a new job. Now he's on TV Land. And I'll be damned if Toby Keith didn't become a mega star.

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