Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Foreign Exchage Service

Dear Amy,

You don't know me but I was sitting at the front desk this afternoon covering phones when you called. This is a business and even though you are a recording, I would like you to know that when you call every line in my company, they come to me first. So, when your 15th attempt to convince me that I should house a foreign exchange student came in, you might understand how it fell on deaf ears.

I am sure your cause is a worth wile, but even if they do come "fully insured and with their own spending money" I and my company are not interested. I don't think you have done your research if you are calling the same company 16 times now, as you just called again while I was writing this letter.

I respectfully ask that you take your stupid message and turn it off or I will be allowing you to sponsor my foot up your rear end. It, however, is not insured and does not come with it's own spending money. It has a shoestring budget.

That is all,


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Girl Interrupted said...

Well I was going to make some scathing comment on your grumpiness ... but I have to admit that after 16 calls you're pretty much entitled to be homicidal

So, as you were.