Sunday, April 12, 2009

TBWCYL Day 101 - Money, Money, Money, Money - MONEY!

Today's task was simple. Cut out, or in this case I photocopied, the 8 dollars bill that was inside the book, glue the front and back together, and convince someone to take it as legal tender. I hit a Kinko's to do some photocopying and got my $8 masterpiece ready. It is really just a reworked 5 dollar bill so I thought I could pull this off by having someone take it believing it was a $5. I went to town crumpling it up and getting it to look worn before attempting anything.

I worked at the comic shop today so I thought I would have a chance to get rid of it at lunch but couldn't bring myself to rip someone off. Then I remembered, we are going to a friends house for Easter lunch and I have to pay him for the food. We were seeing them last night as well and I now had a plan. I put the $8 behind two 5s and handed him the money, saying, "Here is half of the money we owe you. I will pay you the other half tomorrow". He was drinking so he took it without counting it and I completed my task.

These friends know about The Book and later in the evening asked me how it was going. I told them about yesterday's biblical endeavor and they asked "What's today's task?". I told them I couldn't tell them and they became suspicious so the guy I gave the money to, Ryan, got online and found another blog where a guy had done the entire book already. Clearly, I am not as much of a trendsetter as I thought. He perused the blog until he got to day 101 and saw the title of the blog: Counterfeiting.

He sat, thought for a second, and as realization flooded his face he said, "Wait, you gave me money..., Sonovabitch!" and jumped off the couch and ran to where he was keeping the till. My wife and I busted out laughing and as I heard cries of "There's no such thing as an $8 bill" I lost my breath and tears started running down my cheeks. It made this task so much better.

That is all,


3 Ripples in the pond:

Girl Interrupted said...

I wish you could capture some of this stuff on film! It's pure TV gold!

I'm starting to like that book

Trinity said...

I asked my buddy today what I owed him for the rest of the meal and he just glared at me.

He then asked what today's task was. I think he was a little paranoid.

Erin said...

You have me in a constant state of paranoia with this book. Geography has been on my side lately, which is fortunate...but I also miss you and your Mary Magdalene.