Thursday, April 16, 2009

TBWCYL Day 106 - Intentional foul

"But my intentions are good."

Try saying that after every conversation you have. Doesn't matter the ending, you just say it. Well, at least I did, sort of. I didn't forget I had a task but I kept forgetting to apply it. I started strong this morning with my carpool buddy. We talked football, "yeah", and at the end I fit in "Buy my intentions were good."

I let the idea slip my mind throughout the morning, mind you I was light on conversation as the day was busy. It kept popping into my head from time to time but now when I needed it. At lunch I fit it in and throughout the afternoon, I got to use it a few times. I put it in a couple of "But my intentions..." on a chat I was having with Girl Interrupted via Google Talk and used one on a phone call but those were sporadic too.

I won't say I did my best on this task...but my intentions are good.


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