Sunday, April 19, 2009

TBWCYL Day 109 - You put your right foot in

"Do you start your day out on the right foot?" This is a saying that many people may have heard but not given much thought to. Well, the Book must have given it some thought because today and tomorrow are dedicated specifically to this. So, I would like you all to meet today's contestant, Right Foot.

"In announcer voice similar to Merv Griffin"

"Right foot is originally from Midland, Texas, enjoys putting himself up on a comfortable ottoman and along with his 5 little piggies likes to kick it on the weekends. How are you doing today Mr. Right?"
"Well Chuck, I am kind of nervous."
"Now now Mr. Right. Don't get your 'socks' in a wad. Ha Ha. We have some recorded statements from Newt the Wonder Frog so lets see how you did."

Today I went to give blood and they had trouble finding the vein. This is usually not a problem so my opinion of the right foot is currently not favorable. I consistently wonder if the people who work in blood centers secretly get a little sadistic joy from having to wiggle the needle. That burning sensation underneath your skin that you feel, that isn't normal. There is now a small bruise on my inner left arm so I am sure I resemble a heroin junkie.

"Right out of the gate and you are already in the red Mr. Right."

We had a baby in our house this weekend because Diana's friends came to town and they brought their 1 year old. She is actually pretty sweet if her parents aren't around to coddle her. So, it was her nap time and for reason's that will totally be in another post, neither of her parents was available. I loaded her in the car and took her for a ride and she zonked out in minutes. I had to carry her into the house afterward and while I don't want a kid anytime soon, one of my favorite things about babies is when they nap on your shoulder.

"Nice one, Righty. Good use of a baby to gain some sympathy."

I went shopping with Diana for 3 hours.

"Bad move. All that hard work just pulled out from under you."

I found some comics that I think I can resell for a profit and watched some TV that I needed to catch up on.

"Whohoo. We are in the plus."

I watched Rachel Getting Married. I am in love with Anne Hathaway and I still vote this a Total Stinker.

"You just lost two points on that one. Should have steered Newt clear and that will cost you. Lets check the scoreboard. Well, Mr. Right it looks like you net a total of zero points. You might be able to pull out a win if the profit on those comics is larger than expected but I would have to say that starting the day out on the Right Foot is not the way to go. What do you have to say for yourself?"
"W-w-w-ell, I guess that's the agony of de-feet."

For Newt the Wonder Frog, this is Chuck Situp saying, "That is All"

3 Ripples in the pond:

Addy's Daddy said...

Enjoys kicking it on the weekend... clever in a not so clever way.

I have to say that in comparison to your usually good posts, this one was crap. Respectfully. Sorry for the rude comment, but my intentions were good.

Girl Interrupted said...

Hahaha @ AD!!!

Trinity ... hoisted by your own petard methinks! :P

Hope you had a nice weekend

Trinity said...

I try something different and you mock me. In the words of Michelle Tanner, "How Rude".