Saturday, April 18, 2009

TBWCYL Day 108 - Tag, you're it

Today, I broke the law. I went and bought a can of Color Place Fast Dry Spray Paint in Hunter Green(it is the Lily Pad) and I made grafiti. I have never tagged anything before so this was a new experience to me. I was selective in my choice of target since I don't believe in destroying anyones property.

I live where there is a small, and I mean small, creek in a park behind our house. It isn't close but is within walking distance. Because of the creek, there is a large bridge and I chose to tag the underside of it.

I learned something that I had never thought of. If you are walking with a large can of spray paint in your front jeans pocket, every step you take causes that damn marble inside of the can to rattle. So, as I am walking through my neighborhood, trying not to reveal my insidious intentions, I am rattling like a broken grocery store cart and it looks like I have a King Kong sized boner riding down the left side of my leg.

I was OK for the most part until I encountered people coming out of the park. I slowed at one point to let a biker pass and as I did I saw a young Mexican couple coming over the bridge. I tried to adjust my can to become less obvious but it didn't help so I just walked around them.

I got to the bridge and made sure I was completely alone. After I slipped in the mud, trying to get under the bridge, I took a position under the bridge and took out my can. I had inteded to spray the underside of the bridge but it wouldn't work so I had to settle for a beam. Below is the final product.

This is as close to my logo as I could get. If you squint your right eye and tilt your head 10 degrees, you should see a lily pad and the letter N in the middle.

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