Tuesday, April 07, 2009

TBWCYL Day 97 - Cimmanin

Way back in 2002 I went and saw a little movie called '8 Mile'. It is about a inner city kid who just needs to rap and I could see myself in him so much. I love to 'bust a flow' and 'skribble some lyrics'. After walking out of the theatre, I knew my destiny. To become the rapper Cimmanin.

This all came rushing back to me as I remembered my 45 minute career as a rapper. Today's task started to awaken Cimmanin because today's task was to rap. I needed to bust a flow today. So, before I started I wanted to get in the mood. I listened to some Dr. Dre at work and when I was driving I turned it over to the local Rap station.

Where did I decide to bust out? Well, when I got home and was taking a leak, Eminem's "Lose Yourself" popped into my head and I started. I actually learned this when it came out so I know all of the words to the first verse and chorus. After that it gets a little fuzzy so I shook off and called it a day. Don't get scared, I only look like a thug.

That is all,


5 Ripples in the pond:

Girl Interrupted said...

Yo, yo wassup G! Dat was da bomb, you a proper ass gangsta now

*west side hand signals*


(not entirely sure I pulled that off ... sounded kinda funny with a British accent)

Addy's Daddy said...

Cimmanin? What does that even mean?

Trinity said...

Thomas, you are so white I could never even explain it.

GI, I would never have guessed you were British.

Girl Interrupted said...

Was that sarcasm?

And I want to know what Cimmanin is too!

I figured you just couldn't spell cinnamon

Natalee said...

Oh, I remember the days of Cimmanin. You really were trying to take that some where.