Saturday, May 09, 2009

TBWCYL Vacation Time

As some of you may know, my wives and I are taking a trip abroad to visit Munich and Prague. Once you get past your jealousy, you can start on envy. Anywho, as we are going to another country, I may not be able to blog, but don't fret. That doesn't mean I will stop doing my tasks.

In fact, the book requested I go to France for a week but since I am not interested in France, I will be utilizing those pages for days 130-136 and swapping the actual 130-136 and moving them into the future. It might get a little confusing but never fear. I will get you through it. So, if I can post I will, but if not I will just play catch up and give you the posts later.

I am not taking the book with me, but I photocopied the pages I need. So, if I die of Swine Flu or drink so much beer, I will leave instructions for the book to be sent to by blog mate Kate, aka Girl Interrupted, and she will feel guilty enough that she will have to finish the book in my honor.

That is all...for now,


1 Ripples in the pond:

Girl Interrupted said...

You better not have saved all the really grim stuff for last!

Actually ... just don't die, ok? Just to be on the safe side :/

Have a great trip with your wives lol