Friday, May 29, 2009

Love is..bullshit

I had this random thought this morning about that comic strip "love is..." I hate it. It is stupid and I don't care for it and if the things that pop up on this are what love really is, then I don't think I have ever been in love in my life because I would have been perpetually vomiting and would have noticed.

Below is a cartoon of "love is..."

What the F? When he enjoys being told what to do? Are you F***ing kidding me. Men don't like to be told what to do and if they do then they have a vagina. Or they are wearing a leather mask and she better be using a whip because that is the only way that I would ever enjoy being bossed around.

The entire premise of this cartoon strip is stupid. The only reason that weird looking kid even hangs around that weird looking girl is because she never wears clothes. Have you ever realized they are both naked?

channelling my best Billy Graham
"This is pornography."

Not really but it is stupid. In a world where Dennis the Menace is constantly plaguing Mr. Wilson and those Family Circus kids are walking around shitting dotted lines where ever they go, how does anyone want to know what "love is..."?


The "love is..." cartoon is written by a woman. SHOCKER!!!!!!! Only a woman would write, "...when he enjoys being told what to do." How about this. Let a man write this cartoon for a week. Here is what you would get.

Monday: "love is...when she doesn't ask me stupid questions"
Tuesday: "love is...telling her she looks fat and living to tell the tale"
Wednesday: "love is...coming home to a beer, a meal, and peace and quite"
Thursday: "love is...your wife farting and when you look at each other you just giggle"
Friday: "love is...never having to say you're at fault"
Saturday: "love is...when she gives me a BJ"
Sunday: "love is...forgetting how long you have been married because after a while you forget and that isn't an insult, it's just the way things work."

My mind goes numb just thinking about it.

That is all,


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