Friday, May 08, 2009

TBWCYL Day 128 - Fresh and Fruity

So, today is try a new fruit day so I went and bought 2 different fruits to sample.

The first is a Cherimoya from Santa Barbara. It resembles a dragon egg and is kind of soft. I had Diana join me in this exercise and it is official. The Cherimoya has no smell and tastes like squishy vomit. It was nasty and I don't recommend it.

The second is an Ugli fruit from Jamaica. It was next to the oranges and at one point I was pretty sure this was all an elaborate ploy to sell old fruit by putting a sticker on it. I threw caution to the wind and tried it anyway though.

As we cut into it, I was surprised that it had a sort of resemblance to an orange. It is the size of a grapefruit, tastes like a mixture of orange and lemon, and when you eat a piece, the texture is very rough. It has a rough sack-like quality that made it hard to eat. I ended up squeezing the juice out and drinking some of it.

This was pretty fun. I did spend 7 bucks for the two pieces so that was unpleasant but otherwise it was pretty interesting and I had never heard of either of these fruits so my boundaries are now expanded.

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2 Ripples in the pond:

Erin said...

Adventures in fruiting! I've never heard of these, either - way to get out of your comfort zone and bravely approach crazy culinary things.

You have some meat and potatoes to look forward to, so hopefully that helped you get through the weird fruit.

Girl Interrupted said...

Never heard of the first one (it really DOES look like a dragon's egg :O) but I've had Ugli fruit, really didn't like it :/