Saturday, May 09, 2009

TBWCYL Day 129 - Bless me Father, for I have an awesome life

So, today the Book gave me a checklist to count my blessings. It assigned points and going down the list, I didn't score too bad.

Are you alive? 10 points
Are you in good health? 9 points
Do you have a partner? 7 points
Do you have regular sex? 6 points (though Diana says some things wouldn't be considered regular)
Do you have children? 0 points (I thought no kids was a blessing)
Do you have a roof over your head? 5 points
Can you feed yourself and your family? 5 points
Do you have a steady job? 3 points
Are you free from racial or sexual discrimination? 5 points (I never charge for racial or sexual discrimination. It has always been free.)
Is your country currently at peace? I took 3 out of 6 points (We are war and in a recession but the country of Newt is doing quite well so I felt it balanced out.)
Is your country well away from any geological fault lines? 6 points
Are your parents alive? 4 points (The answer was yes, by the way)
Are you still on speaking terms with them? 4 points
Have you found God? 0 points (lemme check. Nope, he is not under the couch cushion.)
Have you found yourself? 2 points (Yep, I was under the couch cushion. Wait. Does that make me God? Whoa?!)
Are your bowel movements regular? 8 points (I sometimes make Diana come look at them so she can vouch for this.)
Were you born into one of the richer social classes? 0 points (I came from the hood.)
Are you a born optimist? 6 points
Are you a born pessimist? 0 points (if this was 'yes' I was to put -6 points.)
Do you have a sense of humor? 1 point (If I said no, this was a +4. Get it?)

So I ended up with a total of 84. The Book says you score over 40 and you are luckier than 90% of the human race.

I am so lucky.

That is all,


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Girl Interrupted said...

Someone really ought to send out a search party for God :/

!!!! @ the bowel movement Q :|

Hope you and Diana have a great time in Germany :) Drink lots of beer and eat lots of suasage!