Thursday, May 14, 2009

TBWCYL Day 209 no thats not right...134 - Gauloises to pieces

Gauloises Cigarettes are the mark of the genuine French peasant. So, for today's task I was suppose to smoke 60 Gauloises to better be able to communicate with the French. I personally hate cigarettes and despise the use of them. My parents are avid smokers, though my Father has quit and I am abundantly proud of him, so for me to smoke would make me extremely hypocritical. So, of course, I did it.

I bought a pack of 20 yesterday so I could start early. Erin, Diana and my one-day-to-be sister-in-law Megan were all extremely against the idea that I do this and tried heavily to talk me out of it, but I try to accomplish every task set forth to the best of my abilities and seeing as I am in another country and they sell the cigarettes here, I thought I could do it. I was wrong.

60 cigarettes is a lot. They come 20 to a pack for this brand so a non-smoker in taking 3 Packs in one day is just illogical. I gave it my best but it just didn't happen.

I got up at 06:00 this morning and chain smoked 5 cigarettes to start off the day. This was my first mistake because I started to get light headed and nauseous. I showered immediately to get the smell off of me and didn't have another cigarette until after lunch. I stayed steady through the rest of the day though and I now only have 5 left in the pack. However, Diana stole one out of my mouth before I could light it and smashed it and I gave another to a woman on the street who was in need so I guess I only smoked 13.

I have smoked a cigarette before, anyone who has parents who smoke has stolen them in an effort to be cool, and I didn't like it. Today reminded me why. I don't really understand how people do this on a regular basis. I felt like crap all morning, I had to stand 20 paces behind everyone while we walked if I had one lit, and my damn fingers reek. I am constantly washing my hands and still can't get the smell to go away. Also, if I wasn't outside when I lit a cigarette it just floated into my eyes and nose and stung them.

Being in Europe means smoking is so much more commonplace so I felt more welcomed then I would have back home. Still, this is a filthy habit and I haven't kissed my wife once today because she won't come near me. Come to think of it, that isn't any different than usual...hmm?

I didn't smoke 60 cigarettes but seeing as how I am not even close to a French Peasant I feel like I gave it my best effort. I am going to leave these damn things somewhere that someone can find them and get some use of them.

I am going to take another shower.


4 Ripples in the pond:

Girl Interrupted said...

Urgh!! That's totally gross!

I'm warning you now, if you die and I have to carry on with that poxy book and it pulls sh*t like that ... you can forget it, mister!

Amos said...

Wow... 60 cigarettes.. for a non-smoker? Egad, man!

At least if you had smoked electronic cigarettes you would have had a nice nicotine buzz and not smelled bad.

I'm sure your wife would have thanked you. LOL

Trinity said...

Kate, I know it is gross and I paid for it heavily.

Amos, where were you when I needed you. Thanks anyway though. That is a trippy idea.

Erin said...

And to think I felt bad for you when you said you weren't feeling well...I had forgotten about those damn cigarettes. I'm so glad packs #2 and #3 never made an appearance.