Sunday, May 31, 2009

TBWCYL Day 150 - What I meant to say was...

So, we were in Austin this weekend for a wedding and I wasn't able to post. But, of course I still did my tasks. Saturday was "Subtext Day" and it was a good day for it. I was suppose to read between the lines on what people actually meant when they said things. The best part was I was going to a wedding where I would get to meet tons of people and catch their real meanings. Below was the results.

Brides Father: "Hello, I am Joe Mokry."
I am footing the bill for this so you need to remember that.
"Trinity...ohh THE Trinity. We have heard so much about you."
You are that dumbass my daughter always talks about.
"I feel like I know you from all the stories. Ginger. This is Trinity"
You are one dumb sonofabitch.

Mother of the Bride
"Trinity Vaughn!!! It is so nice to finally meet you. I have heard all about you."
I thought this guy was made up because no one can be that ridiculous.

Sister of the Bride
Dumbass!!! (I add that I have talked to this sister on the phone while drunk. By that I mean both parties were drunk)

Other sister of the Bride
"So where are you from?"
Am I going to even recognize the city?
"Dallas? Wait, are you Trinity?"
He exists!
"Oh my goodness. We saw photos from the Ugly Sweater Party."
I have seen you do things no one should ever have seen.

This continued all night and I have to say, I have a reputation that I was unaware of. I am pretty sure the brides family thinks I am either the most interesting or stupidest man in the world. The wedding was a blast and things continued on into the night and at a local bar in Austin called the G & S Lounge.

Also odd was that a set of twins that I went to High School with are sisters to one of the bride and grooms best friends. I had met her previously and after meeting, her sisters saw pictures of me and recognized me from Midland High. It made for the following subtext.

"Hi, I'm Megan. We went to school together."
You look really familiar and I hope we weren't friends in school because I don't remember your name.
"This is so funny that we both know Ryan and Allison."
Why can't I escape the black hole of Midland, Texas?

Later in the night when we arrived at the bar...
"Trinity, this is my sister Erin."(the other twin)
Since we both know you can't tell the difference, I am going to make sure you know this isn't the other sister.
"No, really. We aren't playing a joke. Megan had to leave but this is Erin."
No dip shit, we aren't in an episode of Sister, Sister. They actually switched.
"Hi. I think we might have hung out a couple of times in high school"
No we didn't but I think this kid was a loser so I will throw him a bone.

By the end of the night we all became great friends and found even more connections to other people that we had no idea connected us. At this point I increased my alcohol intake and subtext went right out the window.

That is all,


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Girl Interrupted said...

I love subtext, I wish everybody spoke in it

Trinity said...

Yes. Subtext is fun because we all think in it but never speak it.