Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TBWCYL Day 90 - Taka my wife...please Taka

So, I think I just crank called a Bangladeshi woman. It is 1 P.M. in Dallas and I just tried to complete my task. I think I may have been duped on this one. The task is this.

"Today help collapse a currency! The Bangladeshi Taka is currently under pressure at 58tk to the US dollar.(FYI, this was written before the general downfall of the dollar) If every Book owner buys 100 Takas this year and then sells them on December 31 at 4:55pm Bangladeshi time, the Taka won't be worth the paper it's printed on. To participate, simply call the DFE, Dhaka Foreign Exchange with your credit card details on: (88 02) 9667712-3."

So, I have spent the last 4 hours trying to buy Takas. I have done a currency calculation on 100 Takas and that ads up to about $1.45 US. I was trying to avoid making a International call so I called my Bank, Wells Fargo, but they do not deal in Takas. They also didn't have a suggestion as to where to get them so I got on Google.

The national bank of Bangladesh offered a bit of info on the Taka, but had no real useful information on getting some of the damn things. I spent 15 minutes clicking on links to different banks in Bangladesh to see if any offered a purchase option. Then, I spent 10 more minutes looking at different governmental links to see if any info was to be had there(did you know Bangladesh has a Prime Minister? Who knew?). Finally, I just gave up and decided to call the DFE.

It took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to actually dial a foreign code on the number, the US code being 011 to get out. I found a great website that tells you how to dial abroad. So, I dial the number and it rings, or at least I thought it was ringing. It made a sound resembling a drowning cat, which I can only assume is the tone the Bangladeshi people chose for their telephone system. It occurred to me that there might be a time difference and was about to hang up when a woman's voice said "Hello".
"Hello? Is this the Dhaka Foreign Exchange?"
"(giggle) No, this isn't the Dhaka Foreign Exchange"
"Oh, I must have the wrong number"

This was followed by some awkward silence and a quick goodbye.

I looked back on the Bangladesh Bank Website and they don't list a Dhaka Foreign Exchange and Google doesn't bring anything up when I search it. I think I have been had.

That is all,


p.s. If anyone has any idea how to buy foreign currency from Bangladesh, would you please tell me. I don't count this as a failed task but I would like to buy these.

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Girl Interrupted said...

Nope! I tried to find ways of buying Taka online but failed miserably. Sorry ... you shouldn't trust money that has scenes from Bambi printed on it anyway.

Ps: I just noticed that your dogs are of the most intriguing mixtures!!! (sorry, bit of a random thought moment there)

Erin said...

Perhaps you should visit their beautiful country and exchange some money at a shop, where you'll get a better rate than at a bank.


Too bad you didn't have to start dealing in Czech koruna/crown. That would actually come in handy.

Trinity said...

Erin, that was completely not helpful. That had no purchase capability.

Erin said...

It wasn't intended to be helpful. It was intended to highlight that pretty much the only way to purchase takas is to freakin' GO to Bangladesh, and it conveniently highlighted my quite helpful "shop vs. bank" scenario. Geez.

Trinity said...

Oh, well then that was a valid point and I appreciate you supporting my claim.

Erin said...

You are justified in your attempts. Take that, book!