Thursday, March 19, 2009

TBWCYL Day 78 - It does matter if your black or white

Today I had to evaluate how politically correct my circle of friends are. Turns out my circle is more of a line on this topic.

My wife, best friend, and almost all of my peeps are pale skins. I do know a couple of Mexicans that I would consider to be friends and not just casual acquaintances. The fact that I used the word peeps tells you that I am also of the fairer skined variety if you didn't already know. Sure I joke that I am black, but only from the waist down. My comic shop boss/pusher/friend is a Jew so I am pulling that one in just so I don't look like a complete racist. Other than that, the NAACP is not sending me an honorary membership. In my defense, most people don't like me so I can't say that I am surprised by this turn of events.

I suppose I should try to broaden my friendships with people in general. I don't know that color or race should come into play. I think having a token black guy around isn't really doing anyone a service.

Oh, I do have gay friends, does that get me any points?

That is all,


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Girl Interrupted said...

What you need is a Native American, lesbian, asylum seeker with one leg and some slight mental health issues ... Voila! You'll have all bases covered