Sunday, March 22, 2009

Say Anything...anything at all

I am Lloyd Dobler. I had this realization about 15 minutes into watching 'Say Anything' for the first time. I have meant to watch this movie more times then I could count. For years I have recognized the references to it in Pop culture, I knew John Cusack started his big run as a fast talking, lovable everyman with this flick, and I figured it was good because it is such a staple of the modern romance. Plus Ione Skye was a hotty back in the 80's.

I just didn't know how good it was. It was unlike most romances. The story of an underdog who actually gets the girl of his dreams in the first 15 minutes without having to go through a lot of bullshit was nice to see. Not to mention that it had a lot of the normal romantic comedy elements: father who doesn't approve of relationship, overly dramatic declaration of love via jambox, and idiotic cast of bumbling sidekicks giving really crappy love advice, but it overcame them.

I loved that the plot drew out in a completely different order than I expected. Get girl, loose girl by her choice and not because the guy was an idiot, girl makes her own decisions and chooses guy for the right reasons all while guy doesn't give up on the love he holds for her.

I remember having some of the feelings Lloyd expressed all through high school. That intense love one can only achieve through innocence, wanting to be with someone at all times, listening to sappy love songs and thinking they were meant for you and you alone. Ah, good times.

If you haven't seen 'Say Anything' you should. If you have then you will either go watch it again because you loved it or you have it memorized and can reminisce about it in your head. Either way you will enjoy yourself.

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Girl Interrupted said...

That is SUCH a good film! Haven't seen it in ages ... and you're right, I'm going to have to dig it out and watch it now

Have you seen "The Sure Thing"? Also with Cusack, a road trip/romance that is definitely worth a watch ... the scene with the show-tune-singing couple (one of whom is a young Tim Robbins) is my fave.

Hmm ... maybe I'll watch that too, have me a mini John Cusack film fest.

Trinity said...

No, I will have to look that up on Netflix. I am a huge fan of John Cusack films from the 80s. Check out 'Better Off Dead' during your marathon. I saw it when I was a child and quoted it for 10 years before I could find a copy to watch again.

It has dancing hamburgers.

Girl Interrupted said...

Dancing hamburgers!!!!! Sounds like my kind of film, I'll check it out, thanks for the tip

Addy's Daddy said...

I am sort of ashamed that you haven't watched this film before now. Did you already own it or did you Netflix this? With your man-crush on Cusack, I am really appalled that you haven't seen this until now in your eyes....

Trinity said...

I don't have a man crush on Cusack, I just enjoy him as an actor. No, I didn't own it, but I probably will soon if I catch it on sale. I just never got around to it.