Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TBWCYL Day 83 - Phone a Friend

Well, I may have failed at another task. Today, I was supposed to call someone and discuss with them the time difference and how it is so arbitrary. Oh, I was supposed to call someone in another country and do this, almost forgot that part. Well, I would love to but I know all of 2 people in other countries at the moment. Not that I didn't try but I failed.

We use a program called Skype which is great for talking to Diana's brother while he...Oh wait!!! They are chatting back with me. Haha. I have victory. Mwahhhahhhahhahha!!!!

Here is the chat conversation. Please ignore capitalization.

M: hey diana, this is megan.
N: Hey, its Trinity. Whats up?
M: hey, nothing much
N: How are you liking Germany? Check out this nonchalant chit chat.
M: I'm liking it. the weather is just like Texas. but, i am going to head back to bed. is everything ok
N: Yeah. Why? See what I did there? Like I didn't know I woke her up.
M: ah, just making sure. i will let Steven know y'all were wanting to chat. he is asleep right now
N: What do you mean? Now I pretend I don't know why she is getting off the chat.
M: its 1:00a here
N: Ok? I thought you wanted to chat No I didn't, I knew she didn't want to but I am now skirting the blame.
M: haha, just heard the skype phone ringing
N: Oh crap. I am so sorry. No I'm not. I didn't realize it called you. Yes I did. I turned it on and it just rang. I am a liar.
N: I guess thats why the time difference is such a bummer. Sorry I woke you. I felt kind of bad about it actually. But there goes that talk about time zones.
M: haha, its ok. we just wanted to make sure everything is ok
N: I didnt think it was calling Another lie.
M: nah its okay
N: We are good. Goodnight
M: ok, good! good night!

And that is how you jack with your might-one-day-be sister in law. She is living in Germany and as far as I know is unemployed so I don't think she will be too put out by this. She did turn the Skype profile to 'Offline' though.

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Girl Interrupted said...

lol you little rascal, you