Sunday, March 01, 2009

TBWCYL Day 59 - You're thinking...

Well, it turns out I am not psychic. Today's task was to test that theory and my powers were either on the fritz or non existent. I couldn't lift objects with my mind, as the book suggested I try. Also, my mind reading powers were not working.

Here is an example.
"Diana, don't think of a purple elephant. Now, I am reading your mind and you are thinking of...a purple elephant."
"No, I am thinking of a Red Lion."

My allergies were going haywire on me today so that might have been throwing things off. I have had tons of instances where I will know exactly what my wife is thinking but I believe that happens over time when two people cohabitate and their brain waves start to sync up. Sort of like when women live together and their periods start on the same day. Just one of those natural body things.

That is all,


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