Saturday, February 28, 2009

TBWCYL Day 58 - Skillz

Today was 'Decide what skills you will pass on to your family'.

I hope to be able to instill a strong love of reading, which is only sort of a skill but with so many people not enjoying it, I think it is working it's way in that direction.

I would like to teach my children basic life skills such as cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. This is not only so they aren 22 and finally on their own when it dawns on them that they don't know how much detergent to use. I also want them to do the housework so I don't have to.

I figure whether they want to know it or not, they will be able to bag and board comics. There is a slight skill to this that I have mastered over the years.

If I have a son, I am definitly going to have to show him the skill of picking up women, since I am the master.

In doing this, I realized I don't have a large amount of passable skills. I can't show my kids how to fix a car, rewire a circuit board or whittle a little knick knack. My pursuits were always closer to intellectual than physical. Maybe I should talk to my father about this as I guess he didn't pass any of those on to me.

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