Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TBWCYL Day 40 - I keeed, I keeed

Today's task was to play a practical joke and I got Diana pretty good. You see, Sunday night I waited for her to leave the room and reset her alarm for 5:00 am. My hope was that by doing this, she would be so groggy that she would forget to check her phone to see the time. Then she would go get ready and at 5:45 she would realize that she was completely ready for work and still had two hours until she needed to be there. I helped this scenario along by dimming the hotel alarm clock so she couldn't see the time.

When 5 rolled around, I heard her alarm go off, Diana reach for the phone, and then Diana say "Five o'clock, uh uh." She reset the alarm and went back to sleep. I knew that all throughout the day she would be expecting me to do something to her and didn't even realize that I had played a prank on her.

When I arrived in Dallas last night I was talking on the phone with her and she said "I really expected you to pull a prank on me today."
All I said in return was "What time did your alarm go off?" and she knew. She cursed something at me but I don't remember what exactly. Either way I giggled for a good while.

That is all,


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