Friday, February 06, 2009

TBWCYL Day 37 - Eat and Run

Well, today's task was to do a dine and dash. For those of you unaware, a dine and dash is where you go somewhere to eat and then run before the check comes so you don't have to pay. It is extremely illegal and I was hesitant about the whole thing.

But, I want to complete this thing so I found a little cheat to be able to do this without breaking any laws. We are staying at the Hilton in NYC. In the Hilton is an executive level dining hall that is only allowed for use for people on floors 35 and up. I know this because last year we were on the 'and up' floors and were able to use this daily.

Well, we are on floor 31 this year and because of this, I am restricted from using this hall...Not. I snuck up there and got past the door check lady. I ate breakfast and then quickly 'dashed' back down. So, I did a dine and dash by stealing food that I should have had to pay for.

That is all,


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