Sunday, February 01, 2009

TBWCTL Day 31 - Nauru Awareness

Today is Nauru Awareness least for the book project it is. Nauru (pronounced NAH-oo-roo) is an island in the Pacific just south of the equator, about 2,500 mi (4,023 km) southwest of Honolulu.It only has about 10,700 residents and the GDP is small enought that Bill Gates could afford to buy it and finance it if he wanted to.

So, just to let them know we aretn't forgetting them, today I was to send them a postcard just to say 'Hi'. I hit the Wal-Mart Texas Souvenier section and got this awesom card with a Margarita on it. It has a recipe to make them so in my note on the postcard I told them 'Since you are stuck on that island, here is a recipe for margaritas to make the time go by".

I had never heard of this place before so it was fun to learn about a new nation. I won't ever go there, but still...

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