Friday, March 27, 2009

TBWCYL Day 86 - Mean Streets

Today, I had to go to the "Other side of the tracks". First off, I am from the street so nothing scares me. That being said, there was no way I was going to the bad neighborhood at night cause I would get F#(ked up.

I actually work on what many people would consider the "bad" area of town so this task was as simple as taking a different way back to work after a customer call. I rode up Irving Blvd. which is a sketchy area of town in Dallas that is mostly warehouses but at night transforms into a scary area. I have had to work late before and in doing so thought my car was going to get stolen. Our building has been vandalized twice and cars have been broken into.

Some of the things I saw on my drive?
- The Cool Breeze Motel which looked like an old line of storage units that got turned into a motel.
- The Lucky Lady strip club. This is probably the cheapest topless bar you could ever go to. It is about the 100 yards x 100 yards and the only girls that could work their are over the age of 50. I have never been in but one day I might just have to dare to dream and go for the gold. Also, I guess that any prostitution that occurs in this place happens across the street at the Cool Breeze.

There are multiple warehouses, rows and rows actually, that inhabit this area. I can only imagine that nefarious deeds are perpetrated there on a daily basis. I know street races use to be a common occurrence but I believe they finally got shut down...or at least moved.

Thinking on it, I should fear for my life when I go to work.

That is all,

- I also found a liquor store, which is actually good to know about.

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Girl Interrupted said...

Harvey Keitel would be proud of you.

Cheap motel, aged strippers and liquor?

Sounds like a fun night out

Addy's Daddy said...

I don't know if being from College Street counts as being "from the streets"....