Monday, March 30, 2009


Before I say my task today, let me just say that today was stressful. I got about 4 hours of sleep last night, no idea what was causing me to resist slumber so much but there you go. Also, the economy sucks right now and it has caused our company to slow down quite a bit. Because of this, I have been made aware that layoffs are eminent. Don't worry, I am safe but I was told layoffs would happen today.

So, all of this made the day go by slowly. Layoffs must have been postponed as well because they didn't happen and now I get to go through all the anxiousness again tomorrow.

So today's task was welcome, specifically due to the nature of it. Today I was to let out a primal scream. I completely recommend this if you ever have stress and need a healthy release from it. I had a tightness in my chest as I started to get a good breath of air to do this. I inhaled, reved up, and screamed as hard and as loud as I could.

The dogs were in the kitchen with me for the start of this task but by the end they were both cowering in intense fear. When Hazel looked up at me with her tail between her legs and her body pressed to the floor, I couldn't help but laugh. As soon as they realized I wasn't directing it at them they proceeded to start chasing each other around and fighting one another. We have some weird dogs.

My stress isn't gone but is is lessened by screaming. I guess when you are told as a child that you shouldn't raise your voice, your parents didn't consider the therapeutic uses for it.

That is all,


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Girl Interrupted said...

I think people should be encouraged to scream more. I often feel like screaming, but it just isn't the done thing. People tend to call the police when they hear people screaming here, knowing my luck I'd be prosecuted for wasting valuable police time.

Sorry you're stressed at the moment, it's a tough time.