Tuesday, March 03, 2009

TBWCYL Day 62 - Safe

Today's task was to put circles around convenient places so you could safely reside in them. The theory being nothing bad can happen to you in the circle. So, after lunch today I made a circle on the floor of my office out of Scotch Tape. It was directly around the area my office chair resides.

My office mate saw it and asked if I knew it was there. I told him to stay out of my circle. At first he thought I was trying to get some personal space but I just told him it was a circle of protection. He just said he was going to let this one go. He wasn't sure what to think and honestly, I wouldn't have either in his position.

My manager came in and I gave him the same reason. He just came back that he didn't have a circle of safety but was going to go home and pour himself some.

The rest of the day, I was moving around too much to actually have a convenient circle placed anywhere. I didn't take up much time in my chair so I didn't have the opportunity to put one there. I worked on my comic collection all night so I just moved boxes. But, I did make sure to protect myself at work.

That is all,


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