Monday, March 09, 2009

TBWCYL Day 68 - De-lightful, De-licious, De-toxing

So, today's task has revealed a few things that I wasn't positive of about myself. 1. I have never almost passed out and 2. I can go all day without barely eating. Due to my size, I thought the second point impossible.

Today's task? To go on a one day Detox. Today, my diet consisted of

Water with lemon juice and sugar
2 apples
more water

I began with a breakfast of lemon sugar water. I followed that up with more lemon sugar water until lunch. Then I got to have a meal of 1 red apple. Very tasty. After lunch I went back to more lemon sugar water with regular water for dessert. I partook in a couple of cups of hot tea, one peach and one tangerine orange. That lead to dinner where I ate another apple. I was going to try to avoid that but light-headedness sank in and I had to breakdown and eat.

I am currently lightheaded and have a slight headache, which appears to be right in line with what I am supposed to be feeling. The book claims this detox will expel some of the toxins from my body. After 4 days in Austin drinking and eating poorly, that is much needed. I never understood what Diana was describing when she told me what it was like to faint. I think I am starting to.

I think I am going to go pass out now,


3 Ripples in the pond:

Addy's Daddy said...

Isn't "lemon sugar water" called lemonade?

Erin said...

Don't ruin the detox by going to Whataburger today!!

Trinity said...

I don't consider it to be lemonade because the lemon to sugar ratio was so far outside the realm of lemonade. It was heavy on the lemon, light on the sugar.

And I only eat Whataburger on Wednesday's so I have one day until then.