Sunday, August 23, 2009

TBWCYL Day 235 - Getting Antsy

Far into the future of The Book, Day 361 to be precise, there is a task involving an ant, a pencil, and some trailing that I knew I wouldn't be able to do in December. Specifically because there are no freakin' ants around in December. I think they die or something. I am slightly off on days in terms of chronological ordering so I figured why get back on track? After arriving home this evening I decided today was I was going to find an ant and get this thing out of the way.

I found a few in the front yard, which is not supposed to be as I pay an exterminator and a yard guy to treat for them. I got the little bugger on a leaf, it took quite a bit of patience, and brought him inside.

The task was simple. Put an ant on the page of The Book and trace his steps with a pencil. Below is the result. This didn't take long because he left the page pretty quickly. He was a fast little guy.

That is all,


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the girl with the pink teacup said...

I think that is the cutest story I've ever heard. The only way it could've been cuter is if you'd included something about unicorns, kittens, puppies, ribbons or all of the above. But then I would've vomited a little in my mouth. So I think this attained just the right level of cute. Well done.

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Also: I am typing this while sitting in a deck chair in my garden. Ants have been trying to use me as some kind of tasty ladder to the skies – they keep crawling back onto me no matter how many times I flick them away. I think I'd be less annoyed if I tried to trace their drunken wanderings on a piece of paper, so I'll give it a go and send you the result.

Simon said...

Whatever they are, they aren’t fools. It knew better than to hang around on a piece of paper in the hands of someone who regularly hired someone to exterminate its kind. The irregular trail is because it was checking for food on the way.

Trinity said...

Simon, I think the irregular trail was casued by the fear that a pencil was going to get inserted in its abdomen if it didn't figure out a way to escape the lead tip of death.

GWPTC, I think your pencil trail constitiues as art and can be placed on your daily 365.

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Consider it done for tomorrow's post. And I think you're right about the fear-induced irregular trail. My ant ran its little legs off trying to escape my pencil tip. Poor little sod. But we must suffer to produce true art.

Trinity said...

Did you kill him afterwards? I killed mine and felt kind of guilty about it. I don't mind the outsourced mass genocide I commit but when you put a face to it, it makes it harder to squash.

Girl Interrupted said...

I can't believe you killed him!! After all he did for you!

Sas should take back the Slippers of Glory forthwith!

(Does this mean I can start heaping awards on you? I have a really disturbing one with Wacko Jacko on that would look ... freaky, on your blog)

Girl Interrupted said...

Also ... bonus points for using the word "Bugger"

Well done!

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Ant trail spectacular is up! Find it here. Enjoy.