Sunday, August 02, 2009

TBWCYL Day 214 - Excuse me but can you tell me where...

My wife and I went on vacation, or more precisely a Daycation, today. My task was to pretend to be a tourist all day so we took the task as an opportunity to finally go see some of the things in Dallas that we have always meant to go see but never made the time for.

The Book had a checklist and I tried to follow it as best as possible.
10 am: Visit Big Monument. Check.

Our first stop this morning was at the 6th Floor Museum. In case you live under a rock, you might know that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F. Kennedy from the 6th floor of the Dallas Book Depository. Well, I have lived in Dallas for over 4 years and I have never been to the museum. We took the tour and learned quite a bit about the day's events and everything that happened on that fateful day.

This is the Depository.

Here is myself and my lovely wife after the tour. We were so excited to be on vacation.

Here is a shot of Deely Plaza, which is very close to the grassy knoll that is in all of the conspiracies you hear about.

And here is the JFK Memorial that sits in Downtown Dallas.

1 PM: Lunch in tourist trap restaurant. Check, though we did this at noon.

We also went and ate at a huge tourist trap, Dick's Last Resort. It is a theme restaurant where the wait staff is rude and surly to you for your entire meal. They slam down your silverware, make fun of your license photo, and just give you crap all throughout your meal. The food isn't bad and they tie a nice little bib on you before your meal comes so that helps. I also got a Big Ass Beer and got to keep the glass. That is how bad this place is.

3 PM: Visit big Museum. Check. Though again, we did this earlier than required.

Afterwards, we hit the Dallas Museum of Art and walked around for over an hour. I am not a big museum person but I enjoyed it. Afterwards we went to Pokey O's for a nice Ice Cream Sandwich and went to the discount book store, Half Price Books, to peruse the shelves.

5 PM: Get laughed at by school kids. Nope. It was Sunday so there weren't any.

6 PM: Big Show. Well, that didn't really happen either but we did come home and do laundry. And there was a lot of it so that was at least Big.

9 PM: Get mugged by school kids. Again, that wasn't an option because of the Sunday thing.

But, aside from the later failings, I think we had a pretty good time and did a few things in Dallas that we always said we would to but never made ourselves go to.

That is all,


4 Ripples in the pond:

Erin said...

Oh, but for your big show you could have seen Legally Blonde THE MUSICAL!! Ok, maybe it's better that you did laundry.

And it's Dealey Plaza, not Deely Plaza. I'm sorry, I had to.

Trinity said...

That's ok. I didn't know how to spell it and felt lazy enough not to look it up. And I wasn't seeing Legally Blonde. I did watch the last half hour of Batman though.

Girl Interrupted said...

Looks like a fun day! I'm a bit disappointed that you weren't mugged by school children, but oh well, you can't have everything :)

Thats a really nice pic of you and Diana too btw.

Batman: The Musical! ... that could work!

Trinity said...

They are doing Spiderman: The Musical in NY right now.