Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jeff Parker is the Greatest Writer in the World

So, I just read about a competition online that is being held by superstar comic writer extrodinare, Jeff Parker. Don't know who he is? Well, that is a shame.

He wrote this. This is The Hood.

And this. Mysterius the Unfathomable was a great 6 issues series about a magician who is like that weird uncle you like but the rest of the family seems to shun. It was awesome.

He is one of the most creative writers out there and since everyone on this thing knows how good my taste is, you should believe me.

Well, a travesty has occured. You see, Jeff wrote one of my all time favorite comics, called the Exiles. It was about a group of alternate universe X-Men that jump from universe to universe trying to set the world back on the path it is supposed to be on. And, like all things good, it was cancelled. Well, you can read about the contest here but what I am writing about is to...

so I can win stuff

You see, Jeff Parker is not all there. He currently writes a book called Agents of Atlas that involves, and I shit you not, a Giant Talking Gorilla, a killer Robot, a Uranian who can read minds, the Princess of Atlantis, Venus the Goddess of Love and a de-aged Asian guy who is also a secret agent and leader of a secret society. Oh, and I forgot there is also a talking Dragon named Lao.

WTF right? But it is awesome. I turn people on to this book every chance I get while working at Titan Comics. In fact, I got my best friend to read it and he dropped a higher selling book so, in his words, "I don't worry that New Avengers will get cancelled, but I am giving my dollars to AoA to hopefully help save it."

So, Jeff Parker has challenged me, not me personnaly but via his blog, to get people to read his stuff. I will start by saying I read everything he writes and that isn't an exaggeration. All of the books I talk about I have, or will have when they come out.

This looks like it is going to be a fun book and I can not recommend the team enough. However, I don't have to as you can not only read a free B/W preview of the first issue here but you can also see how many good reviews it is getting.

I have read this book since it started and will not stop. It is essentially about villians who walk a fine line between going straight and secretly still being as bad as they can get away with. It has some twisted people on the team and is always one of the first books I read. Jeff is taking over soon and I can't wait.

He also has a couple of other projects out that may tickle your fancy.

Gorilla Man even thinks, "That Trinity is a Swell Guy". (It is hard to see but Jeff actually drew this for me in my copy of the Agents of Atlas Hardback.)

So, in closing, here is what I am going to do. If you go out and buy a Jeff Parker comic and don't like it, I will refund your money. No joke, I will give you back the $3 you spend if you don't enjoy it. You will have to tell me why, but I will. This doesn't count if you already buy any of them, but only one person who reads this does.

That is all,


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the girl with the pink teacup said...

Agents of Atlas sounds freakin' incredible – I'm not much of a comic book fan but my middle brother is crazy about all things graphic novel, etc. I'll definitely have to buy this one for him: he needs something awesome to read right now! If you like it, Trinity, then I'm sure it's awesome, and I'll even give it a go myself. Where can I get it from?

Simon said...

Some interesting looking stuff there. I have to admit Mysterius the Unfathomable looks like my favourite – I think I may be ‘that weird uncle you like but the rest of the family seems to shun.’ As I’ve already commented, I’m more into the artwork than the stories, but my brother is into the books themselves: I’ll have to ask him if he has read any of these.

I’ll have to have a look about availability in the UK though. Sometimes these are printed in the UK by a different publisher, but the more obscure ones tend to be imports, and can be difficult to get hold of.

Trinity said...

Yes, I knew we might have issues with my blog mates outside the US. It is one of the reasons I fear ever leaving the country.

As for the trades, you can usually pick them up via bookshops, even if you can't get the actual issues. Every little bit helps.

GWPTC - If you do grab the book for your brother, don't give it to him until you read it. The series came out in the trade some time ago but should still be easy to get.

Simon - Try Mysterius, I do think it will appeal to your sense of humor. It will be collected soon.

Addy's Daddy said...

As with my comment in your previous post, I don't usually laugh audibly. However, and my wife can attest to this, I consistently chortle when I read AoA. It really is one of the best comic books I have read, with the perfect amount of comedy, action and drama!

Sadly, in looking at the Diamond Previews, AoA doesn't ship after September, so it looks like it is going to be "cancelled", put into the back of Incredible Hercules and have the mini with the X-Men. Hopefully it will relaunch after?

I am a bit disappointed that I won't be able to scan you out of $3, but oh well.

Addy's Daddy said...

I also posted on Jeff's contest post for you too.

Trinity said...

That is definetly the book I hope most people go buy. In fact, that is the top recommend. Go buy the most recent issue to see a talking ape kill zombie baby mutants and then quip funny stuff about it.

Trinity said...

Oh, Thomas. For your help you will be able to borrow those at any time.

mo.stoneskin said...

Tell you what mate, I'll check him out. Not really a comic person, but for you...

Trinity said...

Mo - It isn't Monday but I am glad you are willing to try. Let me know if I owe you $3 and what that might be converted if necessary.

Girl Interrupted said...

Ok, well I'm kinda on a mission to get all the Fables books first ... you only have yourself to blame for getting me hooked on them ... but I will then check out some of his stuff, it really does sound good and the artwork is amazing.

I know you already won ... but I like you THAT much to keep my word anyway ;)