Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TBWCYL Day 223 - Getting a little head

Today is Phrenology Day. Don't worry if you don't know what that is because I sure as hell didn't. I had a nifty diagram to lay out the different zones on my head and all I had to do was run my fingers over my skull and try to identify any unnatural protuberances it contains.

So, let's see. Oh, by the way, I am rubbing my head right now.

Hm mm? I think zone 22, which is the back space of my skull that apparently contains the area of the brain that contains the Memory of Names has a bump. I wonder if that bump is why I can't remember peoples names very well?

There is a little indention above my left ear that is supposed to affect the the Architectural Talent side of things. It is probably pushing on my brain and is the cause of my birdhouse debacle...and its subsequent lack of sale.

There are quite a few groves around sector 5 of my skull, the top most part of my skull that faces the sky. It contains the brain that helps build friendly attachments. I am not sure what a bump means but I like people and make friendly attachments quite frequently so that must be a good thing.

There is a huge lump at the base of my skull and that is the area that has Caustic Wit. I bet that is why I am super witty.

I actually got my hair cut today and so this is as accurate as it can be. So, the next time you wonder, "Why the hell would he do something like that?", maybe you can just chalk it up to a bad skull formation.

That is all,


3 Ripples in the pond:

Girl Interrupted said...

What does it mean when you haven't got any bumps at all???? :/

Oh, wait ... I do have one bump, right on the back of my head, but that's it.

That can't be good!

Ps: "I bet that is why I am super witty" made me snort in a most unladylike fashion.

the girl with the pink teacup said...

"Oh, by the way, I am rubbing my head right now." It's sentences like that which keep me coming back time and time again. Oh, how I've missed you, Newt.

As far as phrenology goes, you've just demonstrated perfectly the main reason for its demise: it's total and utter codswallop. But this post had the unexpected benefit of providing us with a detailed topography of your skull. You know, in case we need to identify it for some reason...

Trinity said...

I have to say I think I have started writing these things just to see if I can make the two of you laugh.

Kate, clearly you have an almost perfect head because you are almost perfect...except for that one big crack.

Girl, It is you who is missed.