Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Shitty Poetry

Stalling or To the Man shitting next to me

Why did you come interrupt me?
I was here first and yet you walk in as if you own the room.
Now I am awkward, now I am ashamed.
I won't be getting anything done while you are here but that doesn't seem to matter to you.

We are both here for the same thing yet I still find myself judging you.
You are loud and obnoxious while I try to be considerate of others around me.
How can you sit there and act as if I am not here?
And to be so wasteful. Haven't you ever heard of conservation?

I pray you leave, but you don't
Do you need all the pomp and circumstance?
Can you control your actions or are you just a product of our society?
And if you can't, then what has our society become?

I feel so much pressure to leave but I stay silent, almost frozen.
You start to stir and I think my mental jabs and pushes are finally working.
I rejoice as you get up to leave, thinking I can finally complete what I sat down to do.
As I hear the door shut behind you, a wave of relaxation occurs and I am relieved.

Snap, Snap, Snap


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