Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A spot of tea and biscuits with my dear friend Kate

So, one of the benefits of blogging has been the meeting and conversing with new people from different parts of the globe. One of those people is a crazy broad that goes by the name of Kate. She has a blog that you should all be reading by now, as half of you found me through it.

Well, I have gotten to know Kate over the last few months and she was the recipient of the message in a bottle that I sent to her all the way in Norfolk, United Kingdom. In it I sent a lovely note, a copy of one of my favorite graphic novels, Fables, and some Cheetos. You can read the particulars here.

Anyway, Kate asked me if she could send me a thank you note so I gave her my address. Sunday, when I returned home from my trip to Washington D.C., I found a padded envelope in my mail box that contained the following.

One bar of some Cadbury candy called Fudge which was a thin chocolate covered bar of nougat. It was chewy and delicious.

A Cadbury bar called a Curlywurly which was a thin strip of caramel also covered in chocolate and got extremely chewy when I went nummy nummy on it too fast and got a mouth full.

Some of the infamous Jelly that Kate has written about as she is also known as the Phantom Jelly Biter. Due to the heat in Texas this one felt more like a water balloon until it got cooled off. I think this is going to end up being Jello but I haven't had time to make it yet.

I got a pack of Jelly Tots which are identical to Sour Patch Kids except they aren't sour.

I got a box of Jammie Dodgers that I haven't opened yet but from what I can tell, they are sort of damaged. The package rattles a lot so I am pretty sure the cookies have broken.

And finally I got a comic magazine from the UK. It is called VIZ and seems to be a mixture of MAD Magazine, Weekly World News, and Us Weekly. So far I have read a story about a woman who inserts her cell phone up her butt so her boyfriend can call it to get her off, and a story about a young Elton John faking a car crash for money. It is odd...but funny.

I have to say a big thanks to Kate for my presents. They are awesome and I love being able to try candy from other countries. Also, I especially thank her for the comic because it lets me see a little into the crazy world of British Comicdom.

I also learned Kate's last name and I somehow feel like it has moved us into a new phase of our friendship. Now if I could just figure out what she looks like then I will have the whole picture. As of right now, I only have half from a photo on her blog. She still hasn't proven she has a set of eyes.

That is all,


10 Ripples in the pond:

Simon said...

Very nice of her! I shall have to try to befriend her to see if she will send me food parcels.

There were a few memories in that list for me, notably Cadbury’s fudge. But even Jammie Dodgers, though I didn’t recognise the name: I remember as a child eating them from boxes of assorted biscuits, and chewing round the edges to delay eating the jammy centre for as long as possible. Hopefully yours are not too damaged to enjoy.

Girl Interrupted said...

Yay!! :D Glad you got the parcel ... bit miffed that the biscuits are broken :( like Simon said, there is a traditional method of eating them, which is going to be difficult if they're broken!

Finger of Fudge, CurlyWurly and Jelly Tots were my favourite sweeties when I was little so they have lots of sentimental value ... as for the comic, I'm not a big fan of Viz but it was the only English comic I could think of (that wasn't aimed at kids) and I thought you might find it vaguely amusing and interesting :)

Hooray for friendship!

the girl with the pink teacup said...

What a haul, Newt! I knew lovely Kate was a sweetie, but I didn't know just how sweet until I saw that stash of sugary goodness. She is everything that is wonderful about blogging, and it's been so wonderful to see your bottle/parcel exchange unfold (not to mention Simon's own bloggy love post to his illegitimate daughters which your message in a bottle inspired).

Enjoy your treats, lovely Newt. That Cadbury Fudge looked like it was rather delicious. And it's nice to see yet another sneaky phantom jelly biter reference around the Blogosphere...

Trinity said...

I am saving the Jammie Dodgers until my wife gets home so she can share in the experience.

Yes, this little back and forth that we have going will probably only get worse but I am enjoying it as well.

Having tried it, I don't really think I understand how you bite this jelly thing. I was afraid I would bust through the package and it was too soft to leave a mark.

Erin said...

What a delightful package o' goodies from across the pond for you! Kate, you know this man well - just send him treats and bound pages of pictures and he's good to go.

I'm reminded of excessive candy bar purchases in Prague and Munich...why is it so fun to try other countries' candy products?

Trinity said...

Erin, it is because you always think that the thing you can't get at home should taste better. Had I found a candy bar in Germany that I loved, I would compare all others to it.

Erin said...

Which is precisely why I'm in love with Toffifee and rationing out every last one to savor and enjoy.

Except I could probably find them at World Market or something, so there's really no reason to ration.

Girl Interrupted said...

Trinity ... the jelly is normally firm enough to bite! It must be really hot there if it's turned gloopy! :/

Erin ... I love Toffifee!!! I could sit and happily scoff a whole box :P we get them here so if you ever have a craving and can't find them in the US let me know ... I can send you some and be your candy dealer! :P

Trinity said...

Well, if it is hard enough to bite then I may have a problem. As I said in the post, it was the consistency of a water ballon when I got it but now that it has recooled it is still pretty squishy. I am going to make it tonight I think so we will see what it ends up tasting like.

Erin said...

Kate, my fellow Toffifee lover!! Thank you, thank you for the kind offer to be my international candy dealer if needed - I'll check out my U.S. options, and if I can't find a good supplier here, I just might take you up on that. No one should have to go without Toffifee.