Sunday, August 09, 2009

TBWCYL Day 220 - Oh, I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want...

Well, this was day two of trying to find a celebrity in DC and I still had no luck. So, I had to scramble to find a day that I could do pretty late in the evening. The one I chose was Blue Sky Day. In it I was to

"forget the practicalities, decide what you really want out of life. I want..."

I thought about this for a minute and there has been something I have wanted to do for a long time and keep putting it off.

I want to skydive.

Hundreds of people do it every year and yet I keep hesitating. I don't know why but I do. I don't think it is the fear that is stopping me, or at least that isn't the main reason. It definitely isn't the cheapest past time in the world but I could make that happen. So, I am going to start looking into it and see if I can finally bring myself to pull the trigger.

That is all,


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Trinity said...

Well, I started research while I was killing time and it looks like I will need to loose a few lbs before I can skydive. So, back to the gym so I can not run a risk of outweighing the parachute.

mo.stoneskin said...

What you really want out of life is to skydive once, or become a regular skydiver? Let me know when you're doing it and what coordinates you're likely to land so I can keep out the way.

Simon said...

Well, you could practise – try starting by jumping from a low chair, for example, and working your way up to a stepladder.

Trinity said...

I mostly want to do it once and if I find it enjoyable enough I might do it again.

Mo, just for that I am going to find the longitude and latitude of your home and make you a new skylight with my ass.

Simon, your advice has helped greatly.

Carrie said...

Oh, I'm excited. I hope you really get to go so we can read all about it. :)

My friend Brianne and I are looking into skydiving right now as well. We've been on this "I can do anything" kick lately. It all started with fleeting thoughts of bungee jumping, and since we really did that, we've been looking for more trouble to get into. ;)

Girl Interrupted said...

Haha @ Mo and Simon's comments!!

Skydiving = hobby for the bizarre and the insane.

So perfect for you :) Have fun!