Thursday, August 06, 2009

TBWCYL Day 218 - Sucks like a Hoover

So, today I was supposed to work the word Vortex into all of my conversations.

As I stepped out of the shower today, I used Vortex while talking to my wife. I can't remember the context but I think it had something to do with work. Maybe she remembers.

While covering our front desk, the guy that normally sits up there, Matt, came up and said "I need to get into my computer for a minute. Craig is impatient and I am the only one who can give him what he needs." To which I replied, "Well, don't let that vortex of importance that is forming over your head suck you into it."

While discussing the schedule at work one of our managers said "It will work as long as we can get the pressmen to listen to us." I chimed in with "Yeah, their heads are stuck in a vortex and they don't listen."

Diana and I are currently in Washington DC and while waiting on the shuttle I started commenting on how stupid the set up for the shuttle was. I made a comment to Diana that if one of the shuttles were to break the people would be stuck in a vortex of boredom while waiting for the next shuttle.

And finally, we were sitting in Erin's apartment, me reading and the girls discussing something when I threw in vortex and Diana said, "What is your deal with that word? You are really liking it today. You said it before at the airport." I played coy and just told her that I was trying to up my vocabulary and they bought it. When I told them this morning that this was my task, they felt silly for not picking up on it.

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Carrie said...

Haha. I just might try that one just to see if anyone catches on. :)

Lola Lakely said...

See again with the hilarity. I am liking your blog more and more. Many thanks to Gastro Girl!

I had a WOD Calender where I would randomly use words in many sentences through out the day. My favorite word was Contumacious. Although that wasn't a popular word at work since it means stubbornly disobedient.

Trinity said...

I worked at a book shop where we sold those. Some of those words are just going to make you sound as if you are using them to make yourself sound intelligent. Others were fun though. I hate daily calendars.

Anonymous said...


Simon said...

Nabokov must have been in a similar situation at one time – note his use of the word vortex in Lolita, where he writes of ‘the vortex of the toilet’.

Girl Interrupted said...

Lol I got that Chinese/Japanese spammer too

I'm surprised Diana and Erin didn't pick up on it, I think if I lived with you I would be suspicious of everything you said and did ... actually, you'd probably drive me to psychotherapy within days.

Am I the only one whose imagination has been totally captivated by the idea of Nabokov following THE BOOK?

Ps: Gastro Girl!!!!

Trinity said...

If you lived with me you would probably be a much more on edge from paranoia.

And you would probably get fat.