Monday, August 10, 2009

TBWCYL Day 222 - Carted off

Today's task was one more in line with the time frame of the 1950's because I was to go to the grocery store today and enter all of the contests. The problem is that it is the 21st century and this is a dying marketing tool that people don't use. I know that it can be utilized from time to time, hell we even print some of the stuff that gets used in these programs, but no matter how hard I looked I couldn't find anything to enter, and boy did I look.

I ended up altering my plan after realizing that it just wasn't going to happen. I had to shift gears and started looking for those coupon/recipe slips that are now prominently displayed throughout the store aisles. I found one for some deli meat that gave me what looks to be an awesome panini. I also picked up a recipe for dinner dish I think I might make.

At the checkout I got one last ray of hope for entering something, sort of. At checkout they always seem to be collecting money for a charity, be it Muscular Dystrophy or Testicular Cancer. So, the guy asked if I wanted to give a donation and I added a dollar to my checkout. With that he asked, "Do you want a coupon book?" Not knowing what he was talking about, I had him clarify and learned that my donation entitled me to a coupon book.

"Hell yes I want a coupon book," I thought and realized that I entered a dollar and came back with a prize. And oh what a prize it is.

That is all,


3 Ripples in the pond:

Girl Interrupted said...

Competitions at supermarkets? I can't even imagine how that would work!

You should have had a game of Supermarket Sweep! Fun for you and job creation for whichever poor soul got the unenviable task of putting all the stuff back after you abandoned your shopping trolley :P

Carrie said...

I love coupon books...but I have a bad habit of forgetting to use them. Most of the time they just end up in the garbage.

And I'm super-excited that Girl Interrupted mentioned Supermarket Sweep! I used to love watching that show. Maybe I'm just crazy, but there's something highly entertaining about watching people race around the grocery store seeing who can spend the most money...

Trinity said...

I am with you both. I secretly imagine going to different stores and having shopping sprees where I carry giant inflatable products to the counter and reveal their secret values.