Monday, August 10, 2009

TBWCYL Day 221 - Check, Check, Check

Have you ever counted the seconds in a minute as they happen? How about if you were to do it for 10 minutes? Would it start to make you better appreciate how long 10 minutes can actually be? What about 20? 30? What about 3 hours and 34 minutes? Anybody?

Well, that was yesterdays task and I was quite diligent in trying to complete it. I knew I would fail if I just counted in my head so I got the stopwatch function on my cell phone going and used it to count minutes. Below is the grid in which I was to check off each minute to try and better appreciate the true measure of time.

I did this in stages partly because I was on vacation at the time. Below are the time frames:

9:40 am to 10:52 am - While waiting for my wives to get ready to leave, I spent an hour and 12 minutes checking boxes.

12:19 pm to 12:52 pm - While eating lunch and then following the wives around a department store, H&M, I truly appreciated every minute. Did you know time slows down for men while shopping with women? It is a fact. I am now the authority on this as you know of no one else who actually counted minutes in a book while shopping with women.

2:03 p.m. to 2:08 p.m. - This was a quick 5 minutes while waiting in line at the Holocaust museum.

3:40 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. - I had some time to kill while waiting for the wives to finish the tour so I sat and counted.

5:19 p.m. to 5:53 p.m. - I checked the boxes as we drove to the airport to deposit me for my trek home.

6:22 p.m. to 7:11 p.m. - This was the last chance I had to do this up until they made us switch our phones off on the airplane.

The entire grid consisted of over 11 hours of check box availability but I didn't get that far. Still, over 3 hours is pretty extensive and you really get an idea of how slow time passes if you aren't having fun.

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5 Ripples in the pond:

Carrie said...

I think that task may have been the one to drive me insane. I'm not patient at all. It'll be my downfall one day, I'm sure. But kudos for sticking with it. ;)

Trinity said...

It was simple with the phone doing the counting but I would have gone insane if I had to sit there counting 1,2,3,etc over and over again. That would have been awful.

Erin said...

I'm kinda impressed that we only spent 33 minutes in H&M. That's pretty good for a shopping adventure.

Girl Interrupted said...

Dear God! That must have been so tedious! Well done for sticking with it so long.

Do you feel you appreciate time more now?

I bet you hate THE BOOK a whole lot more.

Trinity said...

No, I don't hate The Book. It was slightly tedious but not too hard. I just had to time things within a minute span.