Thursday, January 01, 2009

The This Book Will Change Your Life Experiment

Well, we have hit 2009 and I don't believe in resolutions but it has come to my attention that some people other than my best friend actually read this silly blog so I have decided that I will undertake a challenge. I think fate intermingled with me today because I went to my local Half Price Books today after getting home from Midland where I spent the holidays. I was walking around and stumbled across a book called THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I have to explain something about this book before I go any farther. First, it came out when I worked at WaldenBooks in college. I saw it when it was new and thought it was a great idea but at the time I didn't have the patience or need to do what the book said so I bypassed it. In short this is not a self help book but a 365 page instruction manual for adding crazy shit into your life...and I am going to do it.

It has a daily task that is extremely odd, random, dangerous, etc and you are to perform the tasks daily to add some new life to your life. Thus, today being the first day of the year, you can see how I believe fate had something to do with me finding this book.

As I bought it at a used book store, I found it to be partially completed but apparently the previous owner could only finish the first few days where she quit. From what clues I found, the previous owner was

a 19 year old girl named Katliyn
was given the book by her boyfriend, Joel
has a best friend named Erin
her favorite color was green
favorite food: Cotton Patch
and I am pretty sure she has something weird going on with Satan or a Demon because she scribbled some stuff in the book that I will touch upon later.

Anyway, I am going to do my damnedest to finish this experiment and you should see at least one new blog a day chronicling what the hell this book is telling me to do. I will be as thorough as possible and hopefully I can stick to this.

That is all,


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