Thursday, January 22, 2009

TBWCYL Day 22 - We had an agreement

Today I was supposed to find someone who would agree to meet me in 10 years. I was supposed to hand this agreement to someone I hardly know but when you work 8 to 5 that is difficult. So, I reached out to one of Diana's co-workers who I have met a couple of times and who enjoys the random things of life. I sent her a digital copy of the agreement and she agreed to meet me in 10 years at the official Tech watching party bar, Blackfinn. I am supposed to wear a Red T-shirt in case we can't recognize one another.

She even filled in the list of current events we can reminisce over in case we can't think of anything to say. Obama made it on there, the most recent movie releases now in theatres are on there, the UT loss to Tech is going to be a good memory to share and she is going to be in New York with us so we can always talk about that.

Melissa was a good sport about the whole thing and in 10 years I hope we both remember to show up and share a beer.

That is all,


2 Ripples in the pond:

Addy's Daddy said...

I think it is a fantastic idea to wear a red shirt to a TTU football watching party - it's so unique and will really set you apart from the crowd!

On an unrelated note, you are going to New York Comic Con, right? I looked at who is going to be there (practically everyone!) and am now jealous, especially since we will not be going to the defunct Wizard World Texas con. I see that Art Spiegelman is going to be there. Too bad we don't live a bit closer and you will be already taking a load of stuff or I would hand you my copies of Maus I & II to be signed.

Trinity said...

Yes, I am off to NY and you should be jealous. I havent begun to plan for it yet due to the overwhelming nature of the beast.