Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TBWCYL Day 27 - Check Yes or No

Well, I absolutely failed at today's task. I was supposed to go as long as possible without saying 'Yes' or 'No'. Not in the sense that I had to be indifferent, but instead I was supposed to use alternative phrases like 'I agree' or 'that's not possible'. I made it pretty good until I actually had to talk to someone and that's when it went downhill.

I got George Strait's song "Check Yes or No" stuck in my head in the shower and from there I got a sense that this was going to be hard. While talking to Diana when we were getting ready this morning, I tried to think "Don't say it" but I let my guard down continuously because apparently my wife only asks yes or no questions in the morning. I had to have said one or the other at least 5 times... and that was me trying.

I didn't do it much better the rest of the day. I tried to keep it in mind and did OK but I kept letting my guard down. There were a lot of "dammit" moments today and I felt like a failure. I totally thought I was going to do this with flying colors.

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