Monday, January 12, 2009

TBWCYL Day 12 - Getting to know you

So, since I switched yesterday and today's tasks, today I introduced myself to someone you know but never speak to. In today's case it was my dental hygienist Dora. I had to go pick up my uber-cool and everyone is getting one mouth guard today and took the time to get to know Dora.

She is a lovely, tiny Spanish woman with a nice smile, as she should have when working for a dentist. We chit chatted about our holiday's and discussed how neither of us rang the new year in with any real gusto. I also inquired about her children of which she has 2, a son of 12 and a daughter, Bianca, who also works at my dentist's office. We had a nice little conversation.

The truth about this task is that it was more difficult than it should have been. First, it pointed out to me that I work and interact with a lot of people I don't really know. I might say hi to a lot of people but the fact is I am just going through the motions when I do. If I ask, "How's it going?" I honestly don't care and just do it out of politeness. Second, once I got the first question out there, it was sort of difficult to follow up and that is kind of sad.

I guess if this book really will change my life, it will probably start by pulling me out of my comfort zone and making me adjust perceptions, or at least point out that I have the perception to begin with.

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Erin said...

I think there's a lot of superficial "relationships" out there that few of us truly acknowledge or think twice about. Sometimes it's exhausting to really care about people, but I find that it's generally worth it.

Oh, and I genuinely care about you. It really is my duty as second wife.