Sunday, January 18, 2009

TBWCYL Day17 - Asparagus

Today's task was to eat asparagus all day long and in doing so, found out how noxious my pee could get. Only problem: I HATE ASPARAGUS!!!!

I tried to take a scientific approach to the whole thing so after starting with a good base pee to test smell, I began eating asparagus with my eggs at breakfast. I then proceeded to eat 1 stalk an hour until 7 in which I then increased my intake around dinner time as the smell was not as pungent as I had hoped/expected. I started to really see results when I added wine to the experiment. I had drank water all day and I think that may have diluted the experiment.

I did eat regular meals as well as the asparagus. I have never liked this shitty vegetable and the idea that I could only eat that made me shiver with fright. This is the first time I have actually said, "What was I thinking" about doing this book. I ate the white asparagus hoping it had a better flavor than the green but I was wrong. It tastes like what tall weeds smell like when you chop them down with a lawn mower.

I held off posting this until the day after because I wanted to make sure I had full results. I never achieved a smell that made me gag which was my goal. Maybe if Ii had eaten the green variety I could have achieved it but I don't know.

Thank god that is all,


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