Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama and a chail letter

Two things about today that stood out.

1. We got a black President. I don't know if you heard but we did and I, for one, am happy about it. It was cool to watch history.

B. I got a stupid chain email and it turns out I am going to have bad luck. I know, it sucks. Don't come near me for a while or it might rub off on you. It came in the form of a PowerPoint and the guy who sent it to me is usually pretty humorous so I thought it was a joke but it had no payoff and I was supposed to send it out, but didn't.

It did make me wonder, "How do you put luck in an email or letter?" The very act of it is absurd. First off, the damn thing is written with stories of people who have gotten the very email and had good luck...except if they got the email it wouldn't have had their stories in it. It says in the thing not to change one word of the letter so it automatically proves that it is an impossible scenario.

Also, who is this luck filled emailer who made an email that is imbued with luck anyway? I watched an episode of 'Fairly Odd Parents' this morning where they zapped Timmy into the Internet. Is that how it is done? With letters, I always assumed the person who wrote the first chain letter had used a luck filled pen but I doubt there is a luck filled type font or keyboard because the original writer would have a hell of a time with everything else he wrote.

One story in the email is of a man who threw the email away(deleted maybe but I can't imagine he printed it just to throw it away) and when he did his son got sick. He dug the email out of the trash can and sent it to 20 people and his son got better. Is this a new form of medicine? Here's an idea, how about you stop being a lazy, superstitious idiot and take your kid to the doctor? Ass wipe shouldn't be a parent if he treats the flu with a AOL.

So, if you don't send this post to 20 people then you will die!!! That's right, I want some new readers so you better get on this ASAP or you will be dead 18 minutes after you read this. Hope you know 20 emails to send this to or you are like Peaches, the cockatiel that I forgot to feed and subsequently died of starvation...except you won't fit in a shoe box.

Get to it,


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