Friday, January 16, 2009

TBWCYL Day 16 - Read between the lines

So today's task was a blast. I was to discretely give the finger to everyone. Have you ever done this as a silent sticking it to the man or as a fun way to tell your friend to go screw themselves? Well, I did...all day long. I waved to my coworkers husband in just the right way that my middle finger was all that was showing, I scratched my head while in the car and all the other drivers got a secret signal, hell I even pulled, as the book calls it, a "just chillin out".

There are so many opportunities to give the finger that I would realize that I wasn't doing it and casually just come up with some way to grab something. I held my menu at lunch today with only my middler on the outside and everyone at the table was told to F off, not that they noticed. I even did it to my boss as I walked down the hall.

This is such a silly thing to do that I just ran with it. My favorite was when I was stretching and as I gnarled my hands up as my arms outstretched, I just left the two in the middle out while all there little buddies went to see the palm.
We had a birthday party to go to tonight so I utilized the finger in many ways as we sat around a table drinking wine. There was the wine stem hold, the clasped hands with the middle finger out hold, the over Diana's shoulder let only the finger drop many. What a day.

And finally, you know I did this one.

That is all,


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